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Welcome to Joint Research Base Hoorah!

Early in WWII, U. S.  Military Leaders learned of a secret German project that was attempting to enhance the abilities of the German soldier. Fearing German success, the U.S. Military ordered a commando raid deep into enemy territory to capture the lead scientist and as many research documents as possible. The successful raid provided years of advanced research along with the grand prize—Dr. Heinrich Schweissguth—the Nazi’s leading scientist.

Military leaders spared no expense in continuing this research once the Doctor was brought to the states.

But, even successful projects are brought to an end…President Roosevelt ordered the program shut down because of its highly questionable ethics and live human testing that produced some truly gruesome results.

This facility that you are about to enter was constructed to continue the research. Construction costs were hidden in the budget of the nearby Scioto Ordnance Plant. The Super Soldier Project has continued to receive funding using black ops money through various agencies. Gov’t leaders were not about to lose their pet project.

As a volunteer recruit, you will be scanned and placed on a military transport to be taken to the recruit processing and testing center. Once there, you will be injected with the Super Soldier Serum and processed. After extensive testing and trials you will be evaluated. Based on your results and how the serum reacts in your body, we will see if you have what it takes, or if you’ve become one of our less fortunate results.