With dog & cat on La Digue – how it all began

"To save a single animal won't change the world,
but the whole world will change for that one animal!” – Unknown

When I came the first Time to the Seychelles, I had no idea how this works with Pets at all. With the holiday glasses I made me a nice time and was happy at the time, thrilled about a dog that I accidentally discovered on the beach. “Samousa” is the name of the bitch, told me a Local in my age. I believed in it. It was a made-up Name, and just the attempt of a Seychellois, me with a pre-played to impress the love of Animals. I know that now for sure. But it was to me also when my next trip is clear, as me, the same Person said all of a sudden a different dog names, as I showed her the photo. By the way, you mentioned that the dog had probably been poisoned. I couldn't believe it at the time. "A dog poison?". "Yes, that is quite normal, because at some point it has to be, otherwise, too many of them." Aha, I thought to myself. My first setback from Paradise, I had to process at that time, only once.

When I think of my Childhood, I think of animals. We had dogs, cats, countless chickens, and about ten horses. A life in a small cottage, I could, for my Childhood, nothing Better to imagine. It was all about four-legged friends. But at some point we moved to the outskirts of town. In a house that was not surrounded by pastures and forests, but suddenly only a medium-sized garden. Then, when my studies began, we sold my last horse, because I simply had no time for it anymore. The study then went on in a permanent position, and thus every spark of hope, to have a animal disappeared.

How it all began

As I hung up my 9-to-5 Job to the nail, it was not because he didn't like it. Quite the contrary, but I had to work sorry for others. I want to Stress-no, there is no pressure and no obligations. I wanted to have freedom. And finally, the step car, I was dreaming of for so long. In 2016, I sat on La Digue on my island Desk. All of a sudden I had time. Of time to think. Time to make things that I want. Time to slow down to my body. And, Yes, time for a pet.

And as it happens like this: One morning, I heard two kittens in our garden. You were so shy, that I came closer than five meters of them. It's not) took three months and countless tuna wraps and fish remains (cat food there was, until I was able to touch for the first Time. Eventually, they slept on our front porch on the Sofa. Into the house they were not allowed to. The Seychellois is a No-Go.

On your last evening, I sat together with you outside on the floor. They finally had to trust me. The next Morning they were gone then. Every Search came up with nothing. Until then two days later suddenly an unbearable stench in the air. A look at the plot of the neighbors brought clarity quickly. You were poisoned and have managed no 2 m of the Cup with the poison. In addition, a couple of dead snails and birds were. Our neighbor had poisoned them, because, he said, walked on his property. I was destroyed on the ground. So much So that I was at the rose loved ones in the next plane to Germany. After a few weeks things went better. Everyone desire to have another pet, however, was gone.

... and then Zanmalak came

A few months later, a small cat suddenly stood in front of the window. He meowed continuously. At first I tried to ignore him. Too great the fear of our neighbors, and the risk I wanted to take with any other animal. I lasted three days. In this time, the little cat remained with the fluffy pompom tail in our garden and waited in the lemon grass. He had found his new home a long time ago, only I didn't know it yet. First became quite clear, as we drove for four days to Mahé and he was at our return, still there. I had a new cat. This is now 10 months. This summer, he waited three weeks to me, in the time he was all alone. Since then, he differs me from the side. And the best cat gets food from Germany. Thanks to my readers, bring me a monthly package. You guys are great!



After all this time, it was also clear that, even if I wanted it to be from the heart – on the Seychelles, no dog wants to keep. First, there is here in Abundance and there will always be more. Secondly, they will be poisoned constantly. And thirdly, I had no idea what I should do if I'm going on vacation, or in the home. Nevertheless, I was Convinced that me, if at all, the fate of a dog would give.

One morning, I heard behind our house crying. As I watched, I discovered a small puppy in a 30 cm box. Our other neighbors had himself a dog. The mother of the Welpens had been poisoned, as he was a week old, and the owner had distributed the Small now. The sight did not hurt me in the soul, because I knew that it would get worse. I took him out and took care of him, because in the case of the owners, he seemed to encounter no great interest, also not with the children.

The little Lion lived henceforth under a Board shed. I was the Only one that took care of him. About two weeks later he was gone. I snuck around the house and couldn't believe my eyes. There's a wooden box was about 1 m tall, with corrugated metal roof and three sides closed. And the little Lion in the middle of it. On my Demands, made it clear to me that he had to get used slowly to his home. To me it hurt in the soul. I waited until there all out of the house and pulled him out. It took no 5 minutes until a crazed woman came storming up to me. I should like to claw to stop your dog, otherwise they would call the police. On the advice of my friend, for me to stay out of this, it was not my dog, I tried the next few months, the Drama in the neighborhood hide.

It took six months until we found out that the owner went to Mahé. This was our Chance. We went to Mahé and worried Leine & co., and fetched him in the afternoon out there. His condition has broken my heart. He was full of fleas, totally emaciated, the abdomen and the sides scrubbed bloody and sore and he could barely walk, because he had trained his legs all the time never. According to the view in the Box, I cried just. The sight, in what he had to because the last few months, hausen, was just awful.

But how to accustom a dog to people, if someone had all the time never to? We gave him a harness and he winds continuously around its own axis. I tied him the first night on a long leash to a tree so he could calm down, and was trying to feed him something and water. The next Morning it looked better. I bathed him with flea shampoo and what came out of all the pores out, I will never forget. I smeared his wounds with a cream and a giant gave him a large Serving of fish with rice.

It only took a few days, then he trusted me. He studied at the leash and the Bicycle on the side walk. He first saw the sea and swam immediately. And after a very hard Persuasion, also in the house is allowed to, just like Zanmalak, even has a cat flap. It is not easy anyway, but in the sequel more ...

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