Travel pharmacy Seychelles – I have always

What belongs in the travel pharmacy for the Seychelles?

There is a good news: Also in the Seychelles, there are pharmacies, many of them even with (almost) European Standard. Many medications are available, although not under the same name, but with a similar composition. Nevertheless, the pharmacies are not equipped for long so extensive as in Germany. Also, one should note that the quality requirements abroad are often so high, which can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the medication.

A selection of drugs, therefore, should be an integral part of the travel pharmacy. I have decreased the extent and/or expanded, that I have everything I have needed to actually been. Although you can't see a lot of things before, but the usual illnesses and injuries are covered.

On La Digue in 2016, has opened the first pharmacy. Before there was drugs in the small hospital or a private doctor that comes once a week on the island. The pharmacy is very modern and well equipped. A doctor for a short consultation is also usually present, the refers a the software, however, to the hospital.

Important notes on Seychelles travel pharmacy

  1. Before the trip, consult a doctor and seek advice:
    So everyone should take a trip to his doctor's advice and recommended medication pack. At each destination there are differences. The Seychelles trip the pharmacy is not suitable for every country, but must, if necessary. be extended.
  2. The travel pharmacy must be adapted to the own needs:
    Depending on the own history or chronic diseases, you have to adapt the kit to your own needs.
  3. Pharmacies, there are on all three main Islands:
    The pharmacies are on the main Islands are very modern and well equipped modern, but not to compare with European Standard.
  4. In the Seychelles cases of Dengue fever occur:
    This disease is transmitted by diurnal mosquitoes. The disease is with fever, body aches and skin rash. Appropriate measures should be taken to protect.
  5. There is no Malaria:
    In the Seychelles, there are no cases of Malaria. Appropriate measures are to be taken here before a trip to.
  6. The extreme heat can degrade the active ingredients of many drugs:
    Medications should be kept during the trip in a cool place or in the refrigerator.
  7. Beware of dangers in the sea (sea urchins and stone fish)
    Again and again I experience cases in which holidaymakers in the sea hurt. For this reason, I would like to point out here the fact: In the waters around the Islands of sea urchins and stone fish live, also near the shore. In the sea, should be borne therefore, always water shoes. Stone fish can be seen – in contrast to sea urchins – what makes you unpredictable. Who occurs on one of the two animals will have the next few days, if not weeks, not fun on vacation. (Examples for water shoes)

Seasick on the Seychelles

Depending on the travel time, I recommend tourists to quickly get seasick, a corresponding medium to pack. The sea and the ferry between the main Islands in the time of the Southeast monsoon (may to October) is very restless, and many got seasick be. The ferry rocks strong and seaworthy people queasy in the stomach area. The employees are ready before departure, and distribute paper bags, especially to children.

As an Alternative to the ferry between the two main Islands of Mahé and Praslin domestic flight with the Propeller plane from Air Seychelles. This is at this time for many is a better Alternative.

Medical Care

The medical care in the Seychelles does not conform to the German Standard. It is not supplies for the majority of disease and Accident, sufficiently, to compare, however, with European options. On the three main Islands of small to large exist hospitals and numerous Doctors. The best care there is on Mahé. On La Digue there is a small hospital, however, that represents more of the services of a General practitioner. In addition to government there are also private practices, including German dentists (for example, on Eden Island, Mahé)

The Locals pay no health insurance. You can visit houses and government Doctors for free and get prescribed drugs for free. These costs are borne by the state, including necessary helicopter transportation to and from Mahé falls. Who has money, flies to Dubai, Mauritius or Europe, in order to receive the appropriate professional treatment. As a vacationer, the cost of any treatment paid in cash (not accepting credit cards).

For travel to the Seychelles in a foreign country is not necessarily health insurance with the option to complete, which takes over in case of emergency, the necessary return transport to Germany.

Travel pharmacy of the Seychelles that should be in there

Travel medical advice is always individual, and should always be your own house doctor. I wrote the exact names of the drugs I have in my travel kit, you can always find behind it. These are just examples and there are many more possibilities. If you are using a similar product, then stay there, or talk to your doctor.

Bandages & Co.

Can hurt you in the Seychelles quickly, and sometimes this happens quite unexpectedly. The granite rocks are very sharp-edged and a lot of cutting. Or you step on the beach on a sharp coral or clam. A suitable First-aid Material should always be included in the travel pharmacy.

  • Hand sanitizer for on-the-go, for example, Sagrotan hand gel or Sterillium (the latter we have always and everywhere)
  • Wound disinfection agent
  • Pfvices, such as Hansaplast
  • Blister plasters, for example here
  • Bandage/ gauze bandages / compresses (a small First-aid kit)
  • Small Pair Of Scissors
  • Tweezers

Ointments & Creams

  • Wound and healing ointment, such as Bepanthen
  • Iodine ointment, for example, Betaisodona
  • Cold sores, such as Acyclovir acute


  • Individually the necessary media elements (e.g. in chronic diseases)
  • Painkillers, such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen
  • Neck pain tablets, for example, Neo-Angin
  • Drug against Blasenentzü- making, for example, Cystinol (I have this herbal medicine always, because I very vulnerable, and am regularly cystitis get)
  • The treatment of diarrhoea, for example, Lopedium
  • Gastro-intestinal disorders, e.g. Iberogast
  • Travel tablets for Nausea, for example, chewing gum or tablets (Especially for fast-seasick expectant people)
  • Remedy against Nausea, for example, Vomex
  • Antibiotic (after consultation with the doctor must write a prescription. Antibiotic is also in Seychelles available)
  • Nasal spray, e.g., here
  • Expectorants, e.g. ACC acutely
  • Antiallergic drug, e.g. Cetirizin in case of allergies

Protection From The Sun & Heat

The Seychelles are located directly on the Equator and the sunlight is as strong as anywhere else. Many underestimate the weather is cloudy especially when. Burn you can ceiling even in the case of a completely dense clouds. A correspondingly high sun protection factor is recommended. Generally speaking, it is also recommended to avoid the midday sun (12 to 15).

Those who travel to the Seychelles, is sweating sweating, a lot, especially in the months of October/November to March/April. This fluid loss must be offset is always enough, best with water and not with sweet lemonade.