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One or the other has already received the news, because firstly, I am lately very busy and have secondly indicated from time to time. Since over 1.5 years I am working on my biggest project and I can't keep it anymore now easy for me: I'm writing a book!

When I look at the last years of my life, I have followed many Dreams. With my Beach Cruiser along the ocean, or to even live by an ocean, were probably the largest milestones in my life. And I don't why clouds have wide-ranging, I know today, just as it made sense, because that's exactly how I could fulfil my dream with the Seychelles, also in the first place. My Intuition has steered me back in the right direction long before I even knew where the trip is going.

In the last few years, I have seen incredibly a lot of on the Islands. It's weird to say I know them inside and out, but somehow it feels like – even if I still haven't seen everything. There is no day it is not in my life, the Seychelles passes, be it private or professional, and have been for years.

I'm recognized on the Islands.

Strangers talk to me and call my name, want to say thank you. You know me from the Internet or the television. For me, it's still weird and kind of indescribable. But sometimes also scary, the own life is based in large part to a single destination, regardless of whether I live there or not. Because even if I don't should try to be in the Seychelles (the last time I come to La Digue, often to my limits and with one or the other reader, I would change my talking about it) about nothing. Even though Germany is my home, and continue to be, I'll be my life with the Seychelles ally. But it is also incredibly beautiful because it shows what we can create at all. And what the Internet, Social Media and the digital world are ever capable of.

Long before I had the Blog, I have researched this already on a subconscious location. I have everything photographed and any Information in my note books to be written. I've slept in many different accommodations, I have met inspiring people, made new friends, found was as a Volunteer for organizations, I have rescued a dog from a cage, a stray cat admitted, was allowed to visit Islands, I can't afford it otherwise would have, and I have seen almost every attraction and every beach. For all this I am very grateful. From the bottom of my heart grateful.

I have long considered, how I can give all my Knowledge to you, the answer was already obvious. And after the other day to my question on Instagram, what products should I sell in my Online Shop next to the calendar yet, many of you have wished a book from me, I can't keep it now simply no longer for me.

Initially only as an Ebook planned, but there will be both a printed Version. A bit you have to wait you still. I am, however, in the last Chapter. Some info in advance: I'm publishing in self-publishing. I Finance everything myself and wear all the risk. Although I have some wonderful people (designers, editors, people, Seychellois), you help me, however, it is still quite a lot of work. It is over 300 pages, to be filled with my own texts and images. And to me the Whole thing, to be honest, also a little scared. I am, after all, not omniscient, and certainly not perfect. But I would like to give my readers and all visitors to the Seychelles travel, everything you need at Hand. I would like to bring you the Seychelles closer and as I feel them. As they really are.

But as the saying goes: Learning by doing, and so I will also have to grow with this project yet. It will be an ongoing project, I expand always and update. And because it feels so good, I need to say it again:

I'M WRITING A BOOK! A guidebook of a special kind. A, the from the heart comes. And I can't believe it myself yet.

Cover Photo: Birgit Lübke Man

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