Mund zu! Mund zu! Mund zu!


Yes, you, silence! You are no longer in control…we are. From this point on, what you do and say will determine if we have a use for you or not. So, listen carefully to what I’m about to tell you. Believe me when I say that you want to be chosen. You need to be chosen; but, very few are. Those of you who are found lacking in the desired qualities will be disposed of.

You think you learned it all. You think history tells us everything…history is written by the victors with embellishments, omissions, and little concern for the facts. Before Hitler fell, the U.S. government used captured German scientists to perform unspeakable acts on American citizens. Yes, that’s right…experiments on our own. You didn’t hear about it, because they didn’t want you to. By exploiting the crimes committed by the Germans, the U.S. remained free from blame. Oh, but there is much to tell. Not wanting to lose the war at any cost, our government employed the same tactics–and more, to stay ahead in the race to victory. Emulating the experiments being conducted by the Third Reich, our country hoped to combat the enemy on its terms.

Our government captured many German scientists over the course of the war, but one man stands out among the rest, Heinrich Schwiessguth. You see, this man had a special talent and love of science with no moral compass to keep him in check. Schwiessguth was driven to create the perfect super soldier that was genetically and biologically enhanced to survive any type of combat situation. Yes, our government was only too happy to help Schwiessguth succeed with his creation of super soldiers.

The problem came in 1942 when President Franklin D Roosevelt put a stop to this program—well, he thought he did. Our military simply moved Schwiessguth to a new location to continue his work. The small town of Ashley, Ohio was chosen due to the proximity of the railroad combined with the rural setting. No one would suspect anything of interest was taking place here. Shipments could come and go by train in the cover of darkness with no one being the wiser. Dr. Schwiessguth took up residence next to the Ashley school in a 2 story brick home while putting his main testing facility right downtown next to the tracks in a former grocery store. It was the perfect cover. While tests and experiments on facing your worst fears were being conducted at the store, the real unspeakable acts were taking place in the Doctor’s own home. The doctor lived and worked 50 feet from the local school which also helped provide the raw material needed for the creation of the perfect super soldier. This is where you come in. The doctor is desperate. He is so close to perfection, but needs more raw material—you. Most of you will be found too weak, too lacking in one skill or another, but the hope is always there that a few of you will withstand the unrelenting torture that you are about to face. Remember when you want to give up, don’t. The raw material that the doctor finds wanting is sent down a chute to his underground death chamber to be buried alive.

Good luck, recruits.