Sightseeing from a different perspective: on a visit To the Türmerin of M–most

Imagine: you go every night (except Tuesdays) to blow 300 steps in a Church tower, around 3 hours long every half hour in a Horn. Imagine, you'd be protecting a whole town from fire and enemies. Imagine the power of a woman and she is the first since 1383.

Die speech of the towers actually Cathedral, or more specifically Louise Saljé. She is the woman in the tower of the Lamberti Church in Münster and did the Job with the best view in the world. “It is best, when the sky is blue,” she reveals to me with shining eyes, “then I have a fabulous view of the sunset. “But even during a Thunderstorm, when the lightning flashes on the horizon, unload and I can watch from up here, this is just incredibly fascinating,” she says.

Anyway, I have the feeling that she loves her Job from the heart. Is towers actually it is not so simple. It is a traditional profession. And certainly not a tourist attraction, but the preservation of a centuries-old tradition.

It is Thursday evening meet shortly before 21 o'clock, as we us with Louise in front of their Türmertür.

With enthusiasm, she leads us up the steep and narrow spiral staircase with 300 steps. A head for heights, you have to be here. And claustrophobia, you should have no. I was after 100 steps slightly out of breath, even though I'm actually quite fit. She does this every day. And also, your predecessor, went with 70 years in retirement. A better fitness program, there can be probably even.

The Tradition has been there since 1383. Since the 14th century. Century, so there is always at least one Person who has the task of guarding the Münster in front of enemies and fire. It is one of the oldest Offices in Europe. The office is municipal, not the Church. And your employer, the Münster Marketing. Louise is 631 years, the first woman in the Men's domain. Your predecessor, Wolfram Schulze, went to 20 years ago, at the age of 70 years in retirement. Today with nearly 75 years of age, he flits still too treacherous to walk through the city like a young buck, Louise me. Actually, he didn't want to stop even after three contract extensions, no way around it, however, was more to it.

After a while we arrive at approximately half the height of the Lamberti Church, where the large iron cages, the so-called Baptist baskets (known colloquially as “Anabaptists baskets”), outer slopes. To this I can remember since my first visit to the Münster city centre. You should then serve as a reminder, tonight you belong to Münster somehow, and are also a point of interest. In the year 1536, their corpses were hung up in it after the execution of the three Baptist as a deterrent. They were never removed.

A few levels below us the bells of St. Lamberti's bells in eight Church. At the level of the Baptist baskets, however, the Council and the fire bell, which is not part of the Church, but the city of Münster. Today, she is beaten to the municipal election for the Lord mayor swearing-in of the urban towers actually.

After a total of 300 steps, we are finally at our destination: the tower room! Louise leads us into her small office. On the table chocolate, cookies, and a couple of drinks. Your Desk is framed by shelves with books about münster's history, on the walls, a few pictures hang. Somehow quaint and cozy.

The most beautiful view over Münster

Here at the height of your office you can walk around the tower completely and has an incredible view in all directions. We feel at home right away, even if we disappear with her more in the upper part of the bell-tower, which is reached via a small staircase. The views from the top are even better and we can't stop taking photos.

After a while your Smartphone is ringing. No call, but the Alarm. It is 21 o'clock, to blow in the Horn. This makes it in all three directions (the East is traditionally omitted), and see if in fact, nowhere fire, and enemies are to be seen. The Louise power half hour 24 hours a day, then she has to call it a night. It is a part-time job. Although you can go in the holidays, that is, a representation is then the job of a Shareholder but has no birthdays, no holidays, and no Christmas. Every day, no matter when, it goes to the very top.

A bit of fun...

More unfortunately, we could not, too dangerous, says the fire Department:

I find it fascinating. And Robert also Fell. We can't stop to run in and around the Church tower, around to ask Louise questions and to marvel at all of this. Sometime we sit in the office, eat chocolate, drink lemonade, talk to me about God and the world, and carry us in your guestbook Kind of comfortable up here, even if it is cold, wet and lonely somehow, I can imagine that you can love this vocation.

Until 23 o'clock, we stay on top. “You just go to the spiral staircase all the way down. I wouldn't put it past you that you can do it alone. If not, you will just run again”, laughs at us, the love of Louise for the last Time. We make us on the way. In 300 steps, it goes back down. The large heavy wooden door open, and then we are in the middle of the night on the dark principal market, as if nothing had happened. We were really just up there?

Louise is blogging and their stories as the towers actually. Have a look here or on their Facebook page.

Please note: A tower visit is usually not possible. A visit to the towers actually Cathedral was for me only by the invitation of the Münster marketing possible.


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I was invited by the city of Münster. Thank you for this unique experience.