Haunted Hoorah 3 East High Street Ashley, Ohio 43003
Friday and Saturday opening at 8 pm.
The last ticket will be sold at midnight
Open Some Sundays


The Haunted Hoorah added new Experiences for 2017. We will attack your senses and fears with every twist and turn.

The Haunted Hoorah’s fright begins on a military bus as it transports recruits to the first haunted destination—the doctor’s residence. It is in this two story nightmare that each recruit comes face to face with the doctor as he determines whether or not you have the substance necessary to be used in his super soldier creation program.

Those recruits who are lucky enough to escape the doctor’s madness will be transported to a second destination where you will come face to face with your greatest fears.

Do you have what it takes? Come to the Haunted Hoorah for an All New Scare Experience that you will never forget!

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