Portugal Road trip – in 2 weeks & 1 800 km from S–the North

Portugal Road trip from Faro to Porto

When it is a country that to me for the last time speechless, then it is quite safe to Portugal. Frankly, I believe after our two week Portugal Road trip, and even less that I have visited this jewel on the West coast of Europe before. It never came – maybe it should be just like that.

This summer is a common vacation of us to stand again. And since we are usually together on an island, we look forward all the more to the mainland. Two weeks ago, we were with the car hire in Portugal on the way, traveled from the South to the North, have slept in five different shelters and more than 1 800 km of driving.

Table of contents

  • 1. What to expect in Portugal?
  • 2. Our Portugal Road trip – all Highlights & accommodation for 2 weeks
  • 3. Car Hire Portugal – Info & Tips
  • 4. The Route
  • 5. All Costs
  • 6. Conclusion
  • 7. Tips for the preparation

1. What to expect in Portugal?

Portugal is the perfect country for a Road trip. Whether with a caravan, Camper Van or as we with a rental car, Portugal provides for each of the claims is the perfect choice. A very mild climate, many Sunny hours and 850 kilometers of Atlantic coastline make the country a popular year-round destination. For me, Portugal has just the right mixture of everything: the sea is always within range, nature, landscape, friendly inhabitants and historical cities Most of all I liked the climate. In spite of 30 degrees, you don't sweat, I at least. Especially if you are used to the 80% humidity of the Seychelles – and I found it very pleasant.

2. Our Portugal Road trip – all Highlights & accommodation for 2 weeks

Honestly, we could have a couple more weeks and we would not have to be boring. Two weeks but are really ideal to get an insight into this fascinating country.

#Day 1 to 5 – Algarve {Portugal Roadtrip}

We started our Road trip on the Algarve in southern Portugal. In three hours it went for us with the flight from Düsseldorf to Faro. There we picked up our rental car and made our way to our first accommodation: Burroville. For the distance of 80 km, we needed a little less than an hour. The beautiful property is located inland, approximately 25 minutes from Lagos. It consists of six parties, the l-shape are arranged around a small Pool. The location is nice and secluded and quiet. The only sounds we heard were the bells of the goats and the Bleating of the sheep. Burro is the way a donkey. The property is set on a donkey farm.

The Algarve is the most popular holiday region of Portugal, hence most of the tourists are here, of course. In the case of the most famous landmarks and rock formations, it was something trubelig, but according to some Locals this was nothing against the high season. The most popular place in Lagos (the town is really cute and sweet) and the whole Region around it. There you will find also the typical for the Algarve rock formations. We were lucky, because until the day before our arrival, the weather was several months ill and thus the tourists stayed away. Originally we wanted to stay four days in the Algarve, then extended still further.

The last day we went to the West coast. The environment there is quite different, less touristy and really spectacular. Anyone who has previously seen the rock formations in the South, in the Algarve, is now thinking he is in a completely different country. In part, the rugged coastline, hidden coves and wild beaches of new Zealand reminds me. The beaches on the West coast are felt infinite, and there is a Surf Spot after the next. Here is also the area where most of Camper Vans and motorhomes is.

  • Our Accommodation: Burroville (Algarve)

#Day 5 to 8 – Lisbon, {Portugal Roadtrip}

After five days in the Algarve, we made our way to the capital city of Portugal after Lisbon. In Lisbon we stayed in Alfama, more specifically, in the fifth floor of a renovated old building in a beautiful Airbnb Apartment with three (!) Balconies. The location in the old town was wonderful. She was quiet and yet Central. Restaurants, cafes and a small supermarket were around the corner and in the center we reached in 20 minutes by foot.

From Lisbon, I'm impressed still. The small capital it has me really impressed. Just under 700,000 inhabitants live there and the city has for me is just the right size. The world famous yellow Tram 28, which departs at the main attractions will be over. If you are lucky a seat may get hold of space, you have to go either at the beginning or at the end of the track. We have to drive the day in a more relaxed, Pastel de Nata eaten, on the banks of the Tagus river in a relaxed and a walk through the many streets closed. Lisbon is really exhausting, because it constantly goes up and down and there are very many stairs. For me insanity came together per day to 20 kilometers and with 66 floors, or?

  • Our accommodation in Lisbon to the Airbnb Apartment in Alfama
  • Airbnb-coupon: With this coupon you will receive 25 € travel credit for your booking

#Day 8 – to 10- Cascais & Sintra {Portugal Roadtrip}

After four nights in Lisbon it was for us in the 50 minutes away, and Cascais, more precisely in the small suburb of Estoril. There we stayed two nights in the Hotel Londres. To Cascais from there it is only a 15-minute walk or two stops by Tram. The cute little place is very worth seeing. There are a few shops, many Restaurants, cafes and a couple of popular beaches, including surfers (Beginner).

Why we stopped but actually, here is a stopover, near to Sintra. In the midst of pine-covered hills, is a Paradise of fairy-tale village, as I have never seen in my life. The slightly cooler climate attracted the earlier of the nobility and the Elite. They built palaces, fairytale castles, and castles with enchanted gardens, all of which can be visited. We felt really like in a fairy tale. In addition to the place itself, which is also absolutely worth seeing, there are many palaces to visit available. We chose two and took the whole day.

Our accommodation in Cascais/Estoril: Hotel Londres (book)
Coupon: Via this Link you will receive in Booking.com after the trip 25 euros

#Day 10 to 11 – Cerdeira Village {Portugal Roadtrip}

Before it goes to the next beautiful city, we inserted a stop in the country, meaning pure. More specifically, it was for us in one of the oldest villages of Portugal, according to Cerdeira located in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere. The Cerdeira Village is made up of eight listed wrong houses, all of which were renovated in a sustainable way. Each house is unique and artist designed table. Our house, the Árvore, Casa da had a balcony down to the living room and bedroom with unobstructed views of the valley. The small village is not only a shelter but also an art centre with different-sized residences, a gallery, Workshops and a quaint Café, where Breakfast is served.

For the journey from the valley to the village we needed about 25 minutes. The road is sometimes quite narrow and curvy. Once at the top, there really is nothing. But pure nature and absolute silence. The area is also popular with hikers and bike riders popular, the insert here a stop. A natural source can be filling and even fresh drinking water.