My Seychelles Reiseführer (book + E-Book) – out now!

Finally it is here! Written with much love and a very personal Note, my Seychelles travel guide is the ideal companion for your trip. At 420 pages, I bring you my favorite of the Islands, show you what you represent for me, as you are planning your island hopping and what you all can do. Honestly, subjectively, and with lots of love.

In this Seychelles travel guide Know from almost 10 years travelling, living and Working is in the Seychelles. For two years I have worked intensively on the book, the last eight months full-time.

It had long been a dream to hold my own book in the hands. A book that includes everything about the Seychelles and the island hopping plan perfectly can.

In the last two years I have written over 600,000 words in a text document, without that I even knew what comes out of it. Chapter by Chapter I worked my way, always with the thought of what could be for you in your journey interesting.

A year ago the color finally came into the game, as I caught up with two designers to the boat. From the heart I would like to thank Nicolai Diekmann for the basic design concept. He works full-time in an Agency and has been taken care of to the work of this project.

As happy I was when I was able to win Pia Opfermann for this project. She took care of the set and the Seychelles travel guides, with their delightful illustrations and a grade awarded.

One year I worked with her on this book. The daily WhatsApp messages, E-Mails and phone calls I miss because they were over twelve months of my everyday life. For the first Time personally seen, we have only at the end of the project. No Kidding!

Team work makes the dream work – that has shown me this project again!


What can you expect in this Seychelles travel guide

In addition to a fresh sea breeze, bright colours, bright sunshine and lots of love you can find in my Seychelles travel guide to the following chapters:

Chapter 1 | General

In the first Chapter, you will learn everything about General topics such as geography, climate, history, festivals & events, Creole cuisine, animals and plants.

A focus is the issues of conservation and sustainability. You learn how to set up on-site sustainable can be. I put the largest environmental organization in the Seychelles a lot of interesting questions. Also, I imagine the most important organizations in and tell you how you can help.

Chapter | FAQs – 12 questions before the trip

Every day I receive countless messages and E-Mails of my readers, some with the same questions. In this Chapter, I have to answer 12 of the questions, which to me always all the points.

When is the best time to travel? Why some beaches are so dangerous? What type of accommodation should I choose? Breakfast, half Board or self catering? If you have this Chapter read, is that you in your travel planning is already a very nice piece.

Chapter 3 | island hopping plan

In this Chapter, I introduce you to all of the Islands where you can stay, very detailed. No matter whether the main Islands of Mahé, Praslin, La Digue or smaller such as Bird, Denis, Silhouette, Félicité, and Round. I have visited almost all of them (four are missing) and describe it to you exactly. Then you have a good Overview. In addition, I will show you all the possibilities of a reservation, explain the movement and how to get from island to island.

Chapter 4 | travel tips from A to Z

Mosquito bites? Through the case? Or even a Centipede bite? So that you can enjoy your holiday on the Seychelles to the fullest, I will inform you in this Chapter about the main topics during the trip. Including all-around preparation, health, money & Finance, hazards on Land & in the sea, security, shopping on site, and much more.

Chapter 5 | The Island Guides – 250+ Favorite Places

In this Chapter, I'll show you over 250+ of my favorite places. Beaches, attractions, Restaurants, cafes, Parks, markets, walks, trips, activities – I'll show you my personal selection. Everything you find in this Chapter, I have already tested it yourself. 100 % clouds far!

What could be Better than a Tour with a Local? In this Chapter, you will learn also, what excursions are worthwhile on the island, and I recommend you the best Guides.

What makes this Seychelles travel guide from other

  • Usual travel guide is researched in just a few weeks. For me there are many years.
  • A relaxed writing style, as I would tell it to a good friend. Subjectively, fresh, honest and personal!
  • I am independent. Publish independently and have to get anyone's money, anything in the book.
  • Printed in Germany. On high-quality paper, from sustainable forests, and with unbreakable thread binding.
  • I'm not a publisher and don't print 10,000 runs. Therefore, you will not find in me the prices of a publisher, mainly because my printing costs are quite high. I carry all the risk and all the costs. You will find in this Guide detailed, comprehensive, and personal recommendations, a real Seychelles-lover, like you will find nowhere else.

What my readers say so far

And a few more comments:

  • "Just by the book and scroll, and I'm really excited. This is the best guide I have ever purchased. You realize just how much work and heart you put in.”
  • "Your book arrived with me, and I must say: WOW. The Design, the selection of fonts, Numbers, colors, the FABULOUS images and the wonderful lyrics, everything is just great. Thank you.”
  • "Thank you for the nice guide. Alone, the title page makes a great desire to travel to the Seychelles. This is the best travel guide I've ever read and, therefore, not comparable with with other that you can buy in bookstores. Very extensive and with a lot of love written. For that, I give you 6 stars for your wonderful book. ” –Brigitte

Partners & Friends

At this point, I would like to say once aware of THANKS to my dear friends and partners, who have helped me in this project:

  • Nicolai Diekmann for the first basic concept.
  • Pia Opfermann for the sentence and the illustrations.
  • Sabine Golz for the first proofreading.
  • My girlfriend Nele for the reading of the book in the breaks as a teacher.
  • Sandra black Weller for re-proofread the reprint.
  • Diana grains of the Seychelles Sustainable Foundation (SSTF) and Birgitt from Bois d'amour for the support of Research.