Island hopping Seychelles: this is how to do’!

Welcome to the Paradise.

Beeindruckend and triumphant lay, seemingly forgotten, in the Indian ocean, only 1 000 km from the African mainland. 115 pristine Islands that are considered the greatest treasures of this world. Islands, which may not be authentic, and until today, a successful commercialization will be protected: The Seychelles. Over the centuries they were forgotten and were even up to the age of 18. Century even uninhabited. The world's most beautiful beaches, a tropical Flair, a turquoise sea, many exotic plant and animal species on Land and in the ocean defies just species diversity. Sea turtles, rays, reef sharks and many colorful fish make a look under the Mereresoberfläche an unforgettable experience.

Who has the choice, has the torment.

The 115 Islands are divided into two categories: the Inner Islands (and within the Islands) around the main Islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, which populated the most densely and, therefore, the most important island of the group is. The Inner Islands are spread on a total area of 31 000 km2 in the sea. The Outer Islands (including Outer Islands), which extend to the West in the direction of Africa, lying on a gigantic sea area of about 400 000 km2. They are – apart from a few hotels and a few employees of some of the conservation organizations – uninhabited. The lives of the Locals, the Seychellois, is the main Islands, the smallest island of La Digue is just 5 kilometers. On Mahé, the largest of the main island, lives with nearly 83 000 inhabitants, almost 90% of the population.

Perfect for island hopping

The Seychelles are perfect for an island hopping, especially since the main Islands and the adjacent, smaller Islands are very close together. I recommend a few nights on all three main Islands of Mahé, Praslin and La to spend Digue and visit the smaller, uninhabited Islands, in the framework of various day trips.

On the three main Islands of every price class are properties. In addition to some of the more expensive Resorts, where many spend their honeymoon, before all the self - catering and guest houses, the bulk of the accommodation. The guest houses are usually managed by Local. For me, the most authentic type of accommodation on the Seychelles is. Cheap and simple accommodation from 40 Euro per Person and night (in double room).


Mahé is the largest of the three main Islands of the Seychelles and has a size of 28 km x 8 km. Here 90% of the population lives. The island has over 60 beautiful beaches and is best by rental car (approximately 45 Euro per day) to explore. There are also buses which can be used to most of it, but certainly not all of it can go to. Also, one is bound to the Bus in time, since you just drive up in the late afternoon or early evening. Mahé has plenty to explore: Lush forests, a unique Flora and Fauna, many Hiking trails, beautiful beaches and Victoria, the smallest capital in the world.

Recommendation: plan Mahé as the last stop of the island hopping, if the return flight early in the morning, otherwise don't you come in time on the island and thus to the International airport. Otherwise, I recommend, Mahé island is the first island plan. The island is the most diverse and largest of all, and a little more stressful than Praslin and La Digue, it is precisely because these Islands are much smaller and peaceful. This is of course a matter of taste and a proper manual there is not.

At best you drive from the airport with the Shuttle bus or Taxi (in advance, negotiating the price, and not more than 450 Rupees to pay) to port to Victoria and take the ferry to Praslin/La Digue (about 75 Euro up to La Digue).

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The Anse Takamaka on Mahé


Praslin, with 26 km2, slightly more than half of the size of Mahe, is the second largest of the Inner Seychelles, and 40 km to the North-is located just to the East of Mahé. With just under 9,000 inhabitants, 10% of the total population lives on this island. The ferry trip takes from Mahé, about 1 hour and La Digue 15 minutes, depending on the weather conditions. Praslin is perfect with the Bus to explore, because of this driving around almost completely around the island and costs per trip only 7 Rupees (about 45 cents). A car is not absolutely necessary to visit the many beaches and attractions, however, it is time inflexible.

Recommendation: Also on Praslin you should a couple of nights schedule. On the first trip, you can't say just yet which island you like best. From Praslin you can also make some nice day trips, such as a snorkeling trip to St. Pierre or a trip to the island of Curieuse, where giant Aldabra tortoises live in the wild. The excursions you can without problems book.

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The photo Wallpaper in the reality – Anse Lazio on Praslin

La Digue

Only seven kilometres from Praslin is La Digue, the fourth largest island in the Seychelles. It has a size of 5 x 3 kilometers and is home to nearly 3,000 inhabitants. To do this, again about 1,500 tourists come if the island is fully booked. Earlier, La Digue was the quietest island of the three main Islands, today, I would say that it is the most touristic. On a small area tourists and Locals mingle like nowhere else on the Seychelles.

Nevertheless, the time seems to be on La Digue, to be always somehow remained standing, which is mainly due to the prohibition of private cars. Vehicles must serve a public purpose, for example as a Taxi or Pick-Up. Previously, they could count them on two hands, today, this is possible. Almost every accommodation has also become a electronic Club-Car. On the few roads it can be really full. The main means of transport is the Bicycle. For the stay, so be sure to each borrow one (there are at the port or in the case of almost every property) should be. The island is famous for the giant granite boulders and breathtaking beaches, which are some of the promotional mailings, and is known as the most Beautiful in the world apply. La Digue should not be missing in an island hopping also.

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Recommendation: on La Digue, you should set aside enough time. Again and again I hear of travelers only one day on the island. The island is small, but has to discover incredibly a lot of and also a perfect output is also the destination for Snorkelling trips, for example to Coco Island, Felicité, and Sister Island. There are snorkeling trips including a Barbecue, which last the whole day, but also half-day excursions. If you want to spend as much time as possible in the ocean, a Bay half-day trip. Nevertheless, you should get to sure times of a Seychellois cook for. The Creole cuisine is really good. Those who prefer to be on Land, on the road, should not miss a Südumrundung. To do this, you only have to book you on a local Tour Guide, as there are on the island side, neither paths nor roads.