Health insurance for long-term travels and emigrations {example Seychelles}

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EAsy a long time to go abroad or even living abroad. This always sounds so easy. But what is really behind it, can you imagine before only. I live now for some time in the Seychelles, have, in comparison to Germany, poor health care, and the daily challenge of a foreign culture. Almost daily I receive E-Mails and messages. Readers who are impressed by my courage. Reader, the dream of a longer period of time abroad or emigration, and ask me questions. At the latest when the topic of health insurance, the fun stops.

Who is not insured to be reasonable, you can drive quite fast in the health and financial Ruin. For smaller doctor the visit is still feasible, but what happens if it's severe illnesses, emergencies, or even a return transport to Germany? Alone the thought makes me queasy. Here on La Digue, I get a lot of accidents in which the injured by helicopter to Mahé or even by air ambulance to Germany will be flown – the costs quickly go in the five digit amount. Who have to pay out of their own pocket, pretty quickly a financial Problem.

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How does the health care system in Seychelles?

The Locals – the Seychellois can use the health care system in the Seychelles is free of charge. You pay nothing for visits to public Doctors and hospitals, and also not for an emergency transfer by helicopter from Praslin or La Digue to Mahé. The medical care is fully financed by the state. Prescribed medications you will also receive, free of charge, and in the exactly required quantity.

The Visit from private doctors or the purchase of medicines in pharmacies are not included. These must be the Locals regularly paid. Some Seychellois to fly for health care on their own abroad to India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, La Réunion or other countries, where the supply is much better. Which is also partly funded by the state. In principle, this is not to say that the health system in the Seychelles is very bad, because it is also always better. Nevertheless, it can be, for example, with Germany or other countries compare, are much more advanced.

The largest hospital is located in the capital Victoria on Mahé (another on the Anse Royale and Perseverance) and a smaller one on Praslin. In addition, there are in the small places, smaller health centres, so-called Health Centres. On La Digue I would put the hospital closer to a General practitioner the same way as the beds in his practice. The construction of a new, modern hospital on La Digue will start soon.

Anyone who enters into a sea urchin, a cut, a cold or the other – I'd call it standard diseases, the is lifted on all three main Islands. In the case of serious illness or emergency, transport is always by helicopter to Mahé is required, maybe you want to be even flown to Germany and must be paid for travelers or emigrants out of his own pocket.

X-ray is only on Praslin and Mahé possible.

What do I do if I need to go to the Seychelles to see a doctor

So far, I had only two situations where I had to go to the Seychelles to see a doctor. Once I was bitten by a small cat on the Hand, which was slightly red, but still had not ignited. It is always dedicated to quickly antibiotic. For the Doctors here it is a popular remedy and, therefore, everyone feels they are on the safe side. For me as a German it is for the case of extreme emergency and only then. This doctor visit had cost me about 30 euros and I simply pay out of your own pocket. For smaller investigations, the amounts are rather low and rarely exceeds 50 euros.

In addition to the public hospitals, dentists and clinics there are also private doctors, which are usually for the better. For example, there is a German dentist's office on Mahé or the Euro Medical Clinic with different Doctors, including a woman doctor who has worked long years in the Maldives. Basically, I need to have here in the Seychelles is no reason to worry. I can always be helped if something happens. Nevertheless, I hope that no emergency occurs. And if so, then I would immediately try to back to Germany to fly. On the three main Islands, there are also modern and well-equipped pharmacies. The Good: It is always a doctor on-site who recommends a the right medication. It is quite normal to meet there for tourists to go, for example, with a cut wound right in the pharmacy and not to the hospital.

Health insurance abroad– travel well and emigrations insured in case of long-time

For long-term travellers or expatriates there are providers for so-called international health insurance policies, such as the BDAE. Different tariffs cover different health risks – from a base of supply to an all-Round Carefree package. The latter is much more comprehensive and may also cover many other things such as dental and pregnancy. The prices vary and are on a monthly basis from about 60 Euro to 300 Euro.

Why is travel health insurance so important?

The statutory health insurance does not pay in foreign countries normally. However, there are exceptions, for example if a medical treatment abroad is not possible, because the hospitals have the necessary equipment (which is unlikely). Or if you are traveling as a legally Insured on a private trip abroad, and there is acute, so immediately needs to be treated, then the cost can be under certain conditions. However, only up to six weeks per year.

There are a few key reasons, why an international health insurance is so important. One of the most important for me is that I can be flown in an emergency to Germany, and in the vicinity of my family treated. Here on La Digue, I get a lot of such cases. Vacationers injure yourself, sometimes even, and will be flown back home. Sometimes even with a private ambulance plane. The amount is quickly into the five-digit. Who should pay for it alone to drive without it in the Ruin? Who would like to, for example, with the help of a helicopter from La Digue to Mahé flown to a hospital, you must pay several hundred Euro. If only the big helicopter is not available, even to the 1,800-Euro each way. Search and evacuation costs are also included in an international health insurance.

Medically, Germany is very far forward and is ahead of the Seychelles, years, maybe even decades. Who has the choice would obviously not be voluntary under a much worse supply treat. With a health insurance abroad, you have also, at least in the first free choice of doctor, and you're automatically a private patient. You will want to place not state Doctors and hospitals to visit, but you can search for the best doctor. The costs will be covered.

What is a health insurance for abroad?

Basically, anyone who travels abroad should complete the appropriate overseas health insurance. For short vacations, there is a so-called basic insurance, which picks up to six weeks in the year. That's enough for people who are employed in Germany, and in the context of their holiday entitlement to icing. Who wants to travels a for a longer time or even live abroad, you must resort to a more extensive international health insurance. Here, topics such as checkups, dentures, cancer either treatments or pregnancy is possible.