A week's holiday in Ibiza – my tips & Highlights

In June, it was for a friend and me to Ibiza. After I was 8 and 10 years, the last Time there, and even then in the Flair I fell in love, the way I wanted to again. Simply have a holiday. For one, it is not far away and on the other, there is a good weather guarantee.

Overall, we were a week on Ibiza and divided them into 3 days in Eivissa and 5 days of Santa Eularia. Why? The first day we wanted to make it a little bit in Ibiza town for shopping and a trip to Formentera. And since we had a rental car, we were able to go to the beach, if it was us in the city too boring. After that, we wanted to explore in a small, but fine lodging something in the country's interior relax, and the area.

In this post you will learn my Highlights and tips for holidays in Ibiza.

  1. What is Ibiza like?
  2. A week in Ibiza – my Highlights & tips
  3. The town of Ibiza – All about Ibiza
  4. A trip to Formentera
  5. The beaches on Ibiza
  6. Restaurants & cafes in Ibiza
  7. On-the-go on-the-spot
  8. Both of our accommodations
  9. Arrival

What is Ibiza like?

Ibiza is with a length of approximately 40 km to Mallorca and Menorca, the third largest island of the Balearic Islands. On the small island, which lies about 90 kilometres to the East of the Spanish mainland and 200 km from Alicante and 150 km from Valencia, life around 145,000 inhabitants.

I fell in love with back in the Flair of the island of Ibiza. I like the island because it has that certain Something. And I don't mean the party scene, because I personally find rather daunting, but, for example, the beautiful beaches and coves, the cliffs, the Hippie markets and I also love, especially the Mediterranean climate.

A week in Ibiza – my Highlights & tips

In the following, I'll show you what we did for a week in Ibiza, all my Highlights and favorite Spots.

The town of Ibiza – All about Ibiza

The first three nights we spent in Ibiza town (also known as Eivissa), the capital of the island of Ibiza. Our beautiful Apartment (more on that below) was very Central in the old town and right on the water. We took advantage of the time extensively to Shop, drink coffee, eat and strolled through the many small alleys.

Two nights would have been enough for the city too. We wanted to make a day trip to Formentera, and since we had a car, we could go there at any time, somewhere else.

Dalt Vila – the old town of Ibiza

The old town and the fortress in Ibiza town was declared a Unesco world heritage site. It is worthwhile to take a stroll here through the many small streets, to enjoy some shopping or eat delicious.

The most beautiful view there is from the top of the fortress and since you should necessarily change at sunset – really amazing!

Alstadt, dalt Villa, Eivissa, Ibiza StadtAlstadt, dalt Villa, Eivissa, Ibiza Stadtibiza Tipps, Dalt Villa, Aussichtspunkt Ibiza

Restaurant & café in Eivissa

El Local

In El Local, we were out to dinner and the selection was exactly to my taste. Burger (vegan), Bowls and other Goodies at good prices. Absolute Recommendation!
Address: Carrer del Bisbe Carrasco 4, 07800 Eivissa

The Croissant Show

If you're looking for delicious croissants and coffee, then you should look over time. The famous Café is located directly to the small market hall and is a beautiful place to watch the Goings-on.
Address: Plaça de la Constitució 2, 07800 Eivissa

It Repòs

This small Café with its own bakery was our daily stop for delicious coffee, Croissants or other sweet Treats for in between. It is located close to the harbour. You can also sit outside.
Address: Carrer Vicent Serra i Orvay 11, 07800 Eivissa

Shopping in Eivissa

In the many streets of the old town, in the harbour, in the historic old town Dalt Villa and many of the adjacent streets you will find numerous small shops.

Otherwise, there are, especially in the Avenue de Bartomeu de Rosselló, or in the El Paseo de Vara de Rey several, some international chains. My favorites Oysho, Pull & Pear and Stradivarius are.

Parking in Eivissa

If you're like we are with the rental car (we took him directly from the airport), you can best on free Parking, It is Gorg (GPS coordinates: 38.917914, 1.434936) Parking. There is a free Shuttle Bus runs every half hour into town, on foot it is also only 10 minutes (about 900 m). Also, the Parking It Pratet (GPS: 38.913142, 1.433888), the much more Central, but also pretty expensive.

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A trip to Formentera

The neighbouring island of Formentera is also referred to as the Caribbean of Spain and we wanted to convince ourselves of course. From Ibiza town, ferries depart about every half hour. There are small and large, where you take your car can. We decided against taking our car to get a new car borrowed, because it was cheaper.

What can you do in Formentera?

The island is with a length of 19 km is not large and makes a day wonderful to explore. We have discovered the island on own fist, and drove to different beaches and places.

Café Integral

Our first goal was to have early in the Morning, the Café INTEGRAL, where we supplied ourselves with a delicious Breakfast. It is the only vegetarian and vegan cafe on the island. You can be very cozy inside or outside, sitting under a tree. Countless Green Smoothies, lots of milk alternatives for your coffee, fresh juices, Açaí Bowls, or a Avocado-bread? We were thrilled!

Cala of the Mort & Platja des Copinyar

Especially nice is the small Bay of Cala des Mort, nestled between the cliffs and the typical fishermen's huts, is. The access down to the water is a bit of an adventure but very worthwhile. The Bay will take you about 10 minutes to walk from the Platja of the Copinyar, if you are in an easterly direction along the coast to go. On the way there is a small Restaurant with only few seats.

Calo Des Mort Formentera, Ausflug nach Formentera, Ibiza Tipps, Strände
Calo Des Mort, Formentera
Platja des Copinyar Formentera, Ausflug nach Formentera, Ibiza Tipps, Strände
Cala of the Mort & Platja des Copinyar, Formentera

Calo Des Mort Formentera, Ausflug nach Formentera, Ibiza Tipps, Strände

Platja des Migjorn

For a walk, the Platja des Migjorn is worth it. The almost 8 km long beach on the South coast is the longest on the island of Formentera, and is divided into different rocks separated sections. In some cases you can also run bars on wood.

On the long beach there are various Bars, such as Lucky Bar, the Kiosk 62 or the Piratabus, which are worth a visit especially for the sunset.

Platja des Migjorn Formentera, Ausflug nach Formentera, Ibiza Tipps, Strände
Platja des Migjorn, Formentera

Platja de Ses Illetes

A beach, you should definitely not miss, is the Platja de Ses Illetes. It is located on the Northern tip of Formentera, and is located in a conservation area. No wonder it is regularly voted in the Top 10 of the most beautiful beaches in the world. For me, it's sure to be a Highlight of the island.



Platja de Ses Illetes, Formentera TippsPlatja de Ses Illetes, Formentera

Hippy market

Always on Wednesdays and Sundays takes place from 16 to 21 o'clock on Formentera, a small, but fine hippie market, and more precisely in El Pinar. Here, local artists sell a lot of homemade and a little stop is worth it.

Arrival to Formentera

The Crossing from Ibiza takes 30 minutes or 1 hour – depending on which provider you choose. We are driving with the Aquabus as the was with 15 Euro per route quite cheap (you pay only 19,90 euros there and back, if you mitbuchst directly the return journey). This boat sails with a one-hour, however, twice as long as the other ferries. Also, if you're going to quickly get seasick, you should not choose this smaller boat, because it rocks much more.

On the way back we opted for the provider Balaria, have paid about 27 Euro per Person, and were 30 minutes in Ibiza town. The Tickets are on Ibiza at the port or directly at the departure available. Especially in the main season you should buy your Ticket in advance, because the ferries are fully booked often.

On the way to Formentera

On Formentera, we have booked us right after arrival to hire a car for 45 Euro per day including full insurance and a refund of the excess. The Handover was uncomplicated and hassle-free. The prices are all similar. We have selected the provider, Pujols (he's the one on the corner, if you come from the pier), because we had all-inclusive.

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Other Highlights in the area

Es Vedrà

Around 30 minutes from Ibiza town, lies the magical rock island of Es Vedrà. It rises 2 km off the West coast of the sea. The vantage point was one of my favorite places and that has not changed until today. Especially at sunset, Locals and tourists meet here to observe the spectacle. Pack a few drinks, Snacks and a blanket and make yourself there for a few hours comfortably.

There are two view points: The first is located further down along a rocky protrusion, and the second is further up the Torre des Savinar. The Parking lot, you both can reach, is located on the road from Sant Josep de sa Talaia to the beach of Cala d'hort, from where you have a beautiful view on Es Vedrà directly from the beach.

Ibiza Tipps, Es Vedra, Aussichtspunkte Ibiza, Sonnenuntergang

Las Dalias Hippy Market

The hippy market in San Carlos is still know as much as I him before. For me, the most beautiful and most authentic market on the island of Ibiza is it. At the booths you can find hand crafted, fashion, and jewelry and art around the Restaurant is Live music being played.

The atmosphere is especially in the evening during the night market is beautiful. One of my Highlight of the jewelry state of Las Amaritas, a German-Spanish-French family, making bracelets and necklaces individually was.

  • Where? The Las Dalias Restaurant in San Carlos
  • When? On Saturdays from 10 to 20 PM, from June to September also on Mondays and Tuesdays from 19 to 1 o'clock
  • More Info

Hippiemarkt Ibiza, Las Dalias, Ibiza Tipps SehenswürdigkeitenHippiemarkt Ibiza, Las Dalias, Ibiza Tipps Sehenswürdigkeiten

Hippy Market Punta Arabí

This hippie market in Es Caná, is the oldest and largest hippy market of Ibiza is. However, I must say that I was disappointed in the visit. The market has changed in the last 10 years.

He became huge (400 booths) and sells almost exclusively imported goods, e.g. from China, and Hippie-Feeling had do nothing more. Self-made products are available, but you must you are really looking for. A short visit but worth it anyway.

  • Where? In The Town Of Es Caná (Punta Arabí)
  • When? Every Wednesday (April to October) from 10 am to 19 PM

The beaches on Ibiza

Cala Comte

Cala Comte is a beautiful, small Bay in the southwest of Ibiza. At the top there is an open beach restaurant with stunning views of the offshore Islands.

The approximately 800 m wide Bay consists of sections of three of the beach, however all of them quite small and you have to squeeze in part, to snag a spot in the Sand. We were at the beginning of June, before the main season there, and even then it was already quite full. The sea is turquoise, always crystal clear and makes up for that.

Cala Comte, Ibiza Tipps, SträndeCala Comte, Ibiza Tipps, SträndeCala Comte, Ibiza Tipps, Strände

Cala Tarida

The Cala Tarida is located in the eponymous town on the West coast of Ibiza and not far away from Cala Comte. The beach is one of the larger on this side of the island and the sea was wonderfully clear and refreshing.

If you are in the Northern, sandy part of the beach, you can go in the sea along the rocks and find there Bay another beautiful Mini.

Cala Tarida, Ibiza Tipps, SträndeCala Tarida, Ibiza Tipps, Strände

Cala Xarraca

The Cala Xarraca, we visited our second accommodation in Santa Eulària. Which is about 90 m wide, beautiful Bay in the North of Portinatx is especially Snorkelling popular, which you can find here at crystal clear water, perfect conditions. But even so, well worth a visit.

Who runs from the beach in a westerly direction over the rocks, a small Bay and a perfect photo spot find.

Cala Xarraca, Ibiza Tipps, Ibiza SträndeA week's holiday in Ibiza – my tips & HighlightsCala Xarraca, Ibiza Tipps, Ibiza Strände

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Restaurants & cafes in Ibiza

On the island there are many places for delicious food or coffee. My Highlights this here:

Wild Beets – Raw, vegan and plant-based cuisine

Vegan Restaurant and Café in Santa Gertrudis with all sorts of delicious dishes, salads, Bowls, Smoothies, ginger Shots, juices, cakes and much more – all vegan!
Address: Wild Beets, Santa Gertrudis (about 25 minutes from Ibiza town in the country's interior), @Wildbeets

Los Otros

Beautiful, hip surf restaurant and Café with a delicious Breakfast, dishes, juices and much, much more in Santa Eulalia, right on the Harbor. They also have a Concept Store in Sant Joan.
Address: Santa Eularia (port), @losotrosibiza

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On-the-go on-the-spot

With sunny Ibiza discover

I love road trips, and a rental car is for me mostly to a trip, it simply has the greatest flexibility. I, personally, could not depend all the time in a Hotel or a place – for this there is to discover in the surroundings too much.

Ibiza makes a car really fun, because the island is with a length of almost 40 km manageable. The distance to the sea is at no point more than 10 km, and in about an hour, crossing the whole island.

We had booked for the 7 days of a rental car in advance online at Sunny Cars (about 250 Euro). At the time of booking a rental car, All-inclusive services are important to me, especially unlimited mileage and fully comprehensive insurance with refund of the excess. In the past I had often problems, because I didn't care and had to pay 800 Euro deductible out of your own pocket, because I drove in a Parking lot, someone in the car and hit-and-run committed.

At Sunny Cars this services are included. The Acquisition of the site was quick and straightforward, without any additional cost. We even got an Upgrade as our booked category was not available. Thus, a brand-new Nissan Joke available.

Ibiza Tipps, Ibiza Mietwagen, Sunny Cars

Sunny Cars offers fleet no rental car, but gives a small but fine selection of vendors. We have been provided a car from Thrifty, and we were very satisfied.

Here you can get a car rental at Sunny Cars worldwide book

Ibiza Tipps, Ibiza Mietwagen, Sunny Cars

Ibiza Tipps, Ibiza Mietwagen, Sunny Cars

Both of our accommodations

The week in Ibiza we divided in two accommodations – three nights in Ibiza town (Eivissa) and four nights close to Santa Eulària in the country.

1. Accommodation: Airbnb-Apartment "Primera línea de Puerto de Ibiza 1P"

Our small, but beautiful Airbnb Apartment was in Ibiza town in the old town right on the water. We had no balcony, but a winter garden with glass front, and were able to in the evening, watch the hustle and Bustle perfectly.

The Apartment consisted of a bedroom, a bathroom and the winter garden. Very modern furnished and clean. The wall elements were exposed and the Apartment has a very own touch to give like me. We were there on the weekend, making it was in the evening, sometimes quite loud. That should be a booking at this accommodation are aware of – for a few days but it is doable.

  • Our Airbnb Apartment in Eivissa
  • COUPON: Via this Link you will receive a discount of€ 25 on your first booking at Airbnb

ibiza tipps, unterkunft eivissa

ibiza tipps, unterkunft eivissa

... and this was the view from our Apartment at night:

Airbnb Apartment in Eivissa, Ibiza Stadt

2. Accommodation: Legado Finca Hotel

After the three days in the city we wanted in a lovely, authentic accommodation, preferably away from the larger Hotels. With the Legado Finca Hotel, we were probably lucky, because she is quite busy and popular.

The property is located in the country's interior, about 15 minutes from Santa Eularia beach. Once a youth hostel, have invested in the two Vienna-Andy and Andreas a lot of time and effort in the reconstruction and in June of 2018, your own little Finca Hotel opened. And what can I say:, The accommodation is absolutely gorgeous and exactly to our taste.