4 days in Amsterdam – tips & Highlights

We were in Amsterdam.

As we have looked forward to this city. Because of the short trip to the Netherlands was to visit a welcome diversion during my Home. First, I would like to say Thank you for the many tips for Amsterdam, which you sent us did. Many of the things we have done spontaneously.

For four days we had time to explore the city and the surrounding area. We stayed first one night in Zandvoort, and then two more in Amsterdam. The day of departure, we took advantage of for the environment.

Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations for city trips in Europe. Quite right and so I fall in love again and again in the city. The many canals, bridges, beautiful houses and small streets, the downtown, the area with the windmills and the wonderful courses in the nature and of course the sea is always close at hand – the Flair of Amsterdam, you simply must experience, which can be difficult to describe.

Table of contents – in this post it is:

  • What is Amsterdam doing?
  • The best things to see in Amsterdam
  • Neighbourhoods / Districts
  • On-the-go on-the-spot
  • Stay in Amsterdam
  • Explore the surroundings
  • Amsterdam Beaches
  • Travel tips
  • Tours & excursions in the city

Amsterdam tips – so the stay is memorable


Who wants to neat shopping in Amsterdam is the right address. Me-no not actually, there is. The shops are all centrally located and within walking distance. We were not there to Shop, and have only looked in one or the other Load in.

Canals & Canal Cruise

The canals, the historical city of Amsterdam to shape. Since 2010 the canal belt is one of the world natural heritage of UNESCO. Actually, I avoid the typical tourist things, but since we are with the I amsterdam card for a canal cruise had, we have this, of course, also be used. With a small boat we went for about an hour through the many channels. And it wasn't so bad, except that there was no coffee, but a good and beautiful Overview of the city.

For more tips & attractions in Amsterdam

Anne Frank House

Her diary and her face are known all over the world. The Anne Frank house is a canal, a Museum in the Prinsengracht, that is dedicated to her and her story keeps alive. Anne Frank had to dive in the Second world war, since it was persecuted as a Jew by the Nazis. From 1942 to 1944 they lived in the back house, which is a part of the Museum. The entrance to their hideout was a moving bookcase. In the Museum is the Original diary is located. Every day thousands of visitors come to the popular house – early booking is therefore recommended.

Tip: From 9 to 15.30, you can book on the Website of the Museum is a Online Ticket with a time window. Who would not want to be bound to a time or until 15.30 o'clock time, you can purchase a ticket at the entrance.


In Amsterdam there are over 70 museums, and the city has the highest Museum density in the world. On the Museum plein (or Museum square), the Museum quarter of the city, the most important of them – especially the Rijksmuseum, but also the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum and the diamond Museum are located here. Those who visit between the Museum wants to sell time, can relax when the weather is nice on the meadows.

The Rijksmuseum

This national Museum on the Museumplein is the most popular attraction in Amsterdam. More than 8,000 art objects in 80 rooms tell the history of the country from then until today, including the famous night woke up, Rembrandt's world famous painting, and much more – there is guaranteed something for everyone.

Flower market

The floating flower market (by the Dutch as a flower market) is the most famous market in the city centre. He is Singel at Amsterdam canal, and it has been around since 1862. The market offers but not only plants, fresh flowers, and flower bulbs, but also a good selection of typical Dutch Souvenirs. The market stalls are housed in the boot, and open daily (mon-Sat 9-17.30 Am, Sun 11.30-17.30).


We were in luck. Our accommodation was right at the Vondelpark and we were able to reach this popular attraction of Amsterdam.The Park is the most famous and largest in the city, and not only with tourists but also with Locals who play here, Jogging, Basketball, in-line skating or other sports. Sometimes whole groups will meet, even on the meadows with Trainer. Additionally, there are, of course, the theatre, various cafes and Restaurants. A true resort in the middle of the city!

Red Light District De Wallen

A city trip is of course also the visit to the red light district. For me, it is even after several Visits Amsterdam's still a strange feeling to see women in red-lit Windows that offer you the like Goods. But also the many stag and hen parties and the buses with Japanese tourists contribute to the fact that we don't have to hold it for long there. That alone, however, shows that the red-light district are not one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city to have casual Sex, but to see a Flair, and Happen like this with my own eyes.

Amsterdam Neighbourhoods

For me, the city centre is not around the Highlight (much to trubelig), but many of the flourishing district of the center. We were Zuid with the bike in the Jordaan, De Pijp, Noord, Oud West and Oud. All five of them, each with its own Flair, and – apart from the canals are not comparable. Everywhere there are small, individual cafes, Restaurants and great shops.

With the bike is the most beautiful on and in some cases only a few minutes to reach a nearby district. If that is too strenuous, you can travel with the Tram and the many Neighbourhoods to discover. We had a great, free booklet called “Amsterdam neighbourhoods” about the many areas of the city with wonderful illustrations as well as tips about Restaurants, shops, markets, cafes & much more. Look for this booklet on the look-out or look online to get an Overview of the many quarter.

Amsterdam Noord

The district of Noord is easy to reach from the centre from just over the water. We are just using the bike to the pier Westerdoksdijk place hazards, a further is located directly at the main train station. With a ferry, you arrive with the bike (Sooo cool!) on the other side – and even for free. There arrived, it was then time to Pllek for lunch and the town beach, we have a look at. Then we drove with the wheel a bit through the quarter, before they went back with the ferry.

More tips for Noord

》On the top of the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel there is a Rooftop Bar with great views. We got a tip from a friend of Robert who lives in Amsterdam – unfortunately, this one came to us until the evening and then we were back again.
Neef Louis Design is a Paradise for Vintage Fans and offers everything for the home, including furniture, chairs, decorative stuff, lamps, posters, and much more.
》Who have a view of the city, should be the viewing platform, A’DAM GATES a look at them. At the very top there is even a swing – no joke.

With the ferry free of charge in the district of Noord. And Best of all: a bike you can take with you directly.

The Restaurant Pllek in the North is definitely worth a visit – if only for the ride with the Bicycle ferry.


Only a few minutes from the main train station, the trendy Jordaan neighbourhood. Many beautiful houses, narrow streets, many bridges, idyllic spot, sweet cafes and individual shops can visit the heart beat faster. Every Saturday (9 to 17) will be held the popular noorder market – an organic market with lots of delicious delicacies.

More tips for Jordaan

》The famous Café angle with the most delicious Apple cake in the city
》Individual salad variations in the Organic Salad Bar, SLA
》Tasty cafe and kitchen decor (e.g., from bloomingville) in the Café Pluk
》The Download Het Winkeltje with many wonderful products in the area of Vintage and Antique (see picture)

Area Of De Pijp

The district De Pijp is one of Amsterdam Oud-Zuid (Old-South). Many call it the Prenzlauer Berg district of Amsterdam, because many young families feel at home here. Known is especially due to the Heineken brewery and the Albert Cuyp market.

Our absolute Highlight in De Pijp is the CT Coffee & Coconuts Café. Here it's all about the coconut. We tried coconut Pancakes with blue berries and a coconut-Smoothie – both of which are sooo tasty.

The CT Coffee & Coconuts Café in De Pijp is one of the most beautiful and delicious cafes that I have visited ever.
More tips for De Pijp

》The Heineken beer in Amsterdam at home, but known worldwide. In the Heineken brewery are allowed visitors a look behind the Scenes. Necessarily come with time, as the queue can be quite long. Us was long even though we would have looked like. (Tickets here buy online)
》The Albert Cupymarkt offers daily (except Sundays) in more than 260 booths of all sorts, including fruit, vegetables, Snacks, waffles, Krims-a-brac and much more.
》A cool Location and super tasty burgers in The Butcher.

City District Oud-West

The district was opposite our hotel on the Vondelpark. It is directly adjacent to the centre with lots of great and cool cafes, design shops and some of the best Restaurants in the city. Tips for Oud-West

》Tip for Foodies: The food halls! This hip halls are the culinary Highlight of Amsterdam and there is something for every taste: Kebab, the famous I-Scream waffles, Seafood, Indian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, burgers and so much more that a already when Entering the water runs together in mouth. The portions are not very big, so you can try lots of different things. Just great! (Sunday to Thursday 11-23.30). Address: Bellamyplein 51, Amsterdam
》Otherwise, we were eating in Oud-West is still tasty Pasta. In the Restaurant Spaghetteria located in a residential area, it is even house made. The menu is small, but who says that's a lot of good ones? Just! We ate at the window or with the other guests at a large table.
Address: Jan Hanzenstraat 32, Amsterdam (there is also a location in the city district of Zuid and East)

On-the-go on-the-spot

Amsterdam by bike

Did you know that there are in Amsterdam more bikes than inhabitants? Estimated to be the 880.000. Amsterdam is a Bicycle city, so the bike could not be missed, of course, also during our stay. Many small roads lead you through the canals and alleys, and for me there is no better way to explore a city. Amsterdam makes it a particularly easy: everywhere there are separate paths, sometimes even whole streets for bicycles. Rentals there are in each district (per day, for around 10 Euro). Alternatively, it is possible to move within the city with the Tram to continue.

Tip: Who is the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket for 1, 2 or 3 days on the Bus , the Tram, Metro and train within a radius of Amsterdam use. With the Amsterdam Card, there are various Give discount.

Stay in Amsterdam

Conscious Hotel Vondelpark

Our Hotel is the pretty, Conscious Hotel Vondelpark, which – as the Name suggests was right on the popular Vondelpark is located. The sustainable Hotel of the complete environment dedicated to and under the Motto “to be as green, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible” were also all rooms are designed accordingly. The Desk comprises, for example recycled plastic and the shower consumes 50% less water.

The Hotel is located close to the centre, right in the middle of a modern area and a lot of cafes, Restaurants, and Coffee Shops only a few minutes away on foot. Highlight I would like to the Breakfast, for me, the best hotel Breakfast ever was. Fruit and vegetables, the juices are made itself, or from surrounding farms, with some grilled vegetables, French Toast, various types of Cereals, jams and ready – made is a great Breakfast.

The Tram is one without Change in the few stations in the city centre. We walked the track in about 20 minutes and later with the bike. The Hotel is exactly to my taste and I would book again next Time.

The Conscious, by the way, two other sites in Amsterdam: Conscious Hotel Museum Square Conscious Hotel The Tire Station.

》Other Hotels in Amsterdam
Airbnb in Amsterdam – who, it is right individual may find in Airbnb a very large selection of accommodation options in Amsterdam. How about a house boat? With this voucher you will receive € 35 discount on the first booking , no matter where.

Amsterdam Surroundings

Kindly sent us Auto Europe Germany, made a rental car available. So we were not reliant on the railway and were able to make on the day of departure a few trips out of Amsterdam and explore the nice surroundings. And it has paid off really. So why not also explore the area? Can't take any more, of course also with the bike, so much time we had, however, unfortunately.

  • Book car hire
  • Amsterdam trips – my 8 tips for the environment

Zaanse Schans

Our first Stop was Zaanse Schans. This pretty village is located in the North of Holland, is a residential and craft quarters from the 1850's, about 20 km from Amsterdam. There is not only the large, old windmills, but a beautiful age-old houses, the delicious waffles, cheese, and great photo opportunities. Almost like in a Museum, you will feel, so much history there, but it will work there, ordinary people, among other things, wood Shoe-makers, Tinsmiths, and dairy, you can also find there. There is also Bicycle rental as well as a small selection of Restaurants and cafes. My Highlight is the bakery in one of the old wooden houses with super delicious waffles (namely, the rectangular, in which the dough is still slightly raw – YUMMI was!).

Note: The excursion to Zaanse Schans is particularly popular, which is why it is very touristy with a lot of visitors , but still beautiful.