3 years in Seychelles – your 10 questions to me

Madness. When I look back on the last few years, then I wonder where the time has gone. I still remember the blog post from 2016, I wrote about a new Chapter. “One that will change my life.” With this quote in mind, I can't believe it sometimes myself, what has happened since the everything.

For the past three years, I spend most of the year in the Seychelles, more specifically, on the smallest of the three main Islands, La Digue, which is just 5×3 km in size. I worked on various projects and enjoyed life to the island. My biggest project I released in March of this year: A private Seychelles travel guide, a book with 420 pages.

But it's happening a lot more. Things you can't see from the outside and also if in case of me always as a very light-footed look, I had to set myself some challenges. When I decided to take this step, not what expected me, I knew. Although I knew the Seychelles is already very good, was a countless number of times and was also connected professionally with you. But what island life really means, I could not imagine at all, even if I've always dreamed of.

In the last week I have given you on Instagram the opportunity to ask me questions live on my island, 10 of which I answer to you now in this blog post.

FAQ – your 10 questions to me

1 | Why did you choose that time for the Seychelles?

I have not decided just for the Seychelles. It was a long process over many years. It was the determination. And it was love at first sight. I fell in love with on my first trip to the Islands and came already after six months. It moved then over a number of years. 2014 I started with clouds far and had to do both personally and professionally, more and more with the Seychelles. All of this was never planned to be so.

Wolkenweit, als Deutsche auf den Seychellen, Leben im Ausland, Inselleben

2 | How could you implement it to work there?

I've built up over the last few years, a location-independent Business.

With the Start of the travel blogs I had placed 2014 the Foundation for my life today. I didn't know at the time, but still. Since I come from the Online sector, the travel, the photography and the Writing of love, I wanted to create a place where I can reach you all. I had no idea what opportunities would arise for me one day.

I work in the Seychelles, and from anywhere with my Laptop. Projects and collaborations for which I must be in Germany, I put on my home visits when it suits.

However, I'm limited in my blog on the Seychelles, since I reject a lot of requests from Germany, because I am in front of the place. And that frustrates me sometimes, because I had to in the past, a lot of cancellations. I have, however, quite other possibilities, so I was able to research, especially in the last years very intensively for my guide.

My income is based on different pillars. Paid travel and collaborations, campaigns, Affiliate Marketing, occasionally, sponsored blog posts, photo and video projects, Film and TV productions, my Knowledge as a Seychelles specialist, Writing for travel magazines or Corporate Blogs, and my book project.

3 | will you Stay there forever?

I've always done hard to talk of emigration, because I'm not emigrated. As I ventured at the time to take the step to go to the Seychelles, I had a year in the head. Now it became three years. I realize that I am mostly in the last time more and more often and much longer in Germany, because I miss a lot of things.

Many of you probably know that I am still registered in Germany. My Business is registered in Germany, and I also pay my taxes there. And what for me was always important: I am covered in Germany. Clearly, I could have try to register my Business in the Seychelles, but it has made for me long-term sense, since 100% derived my income from Germany.

Go with the flow

To answer the question, I'm doing me, to be honest, some things that are difficult to always predict. Everything has changed just everything much to quickly. But to be honest, I can't imagine it at the moment in the Seychelles to become old – mainly because of the health care.

I'm a professional, is to not always want what I have. If I'm in the Seychelles, I miss Germany. I'm in Germany, I miss the Seychelles again very quickly. One of my goals is to definitely learn to be satisfied with what one has.

4 | What do you like on the island the life the most? The everyday do you like to La Digue?

I love the Island life on La Digue. Even if at the beginning I had my difficulties to get used to idleness and so very limiting, I like the life here. 365 days of summer, tropical weather, bright colors, sunshine, palm trees, and always a fresh sea breeze in your face. I walk barefoot all day or in Flip Flops around, can me to your heart's content on my Beach Cruiser swing and I am in less than two minutes on the beach and my wardrobe is here on La Digue, from airy summer dress.

What I to the Seychelles, love

  • Throughout the year, warm weather and the high temperatures will do just fine.
  • The nature with the always green world of plants, the many colorful flowers and the Hiking trails.
  • The tropical, some very intense rain.
  • The sea and the granite rocks are always within reach.
  • Dream beaches, where the eye can see.
  • The noise of the many land birds, sea birds, flying foxes and Geckos.
  • The Bicycle tours with my turquoise beach cruiser.
  • The focus on the simple things of life.
  • A lot of time to Think, without distraction.
  • I live a very relaxed life and have less Stress.
  • My health is better (I was not sick, had no bladder infection and not Herpes, although I was in Germany constantly)
  • The people with whom I don't miss anymore time to spend and I would like to.
  • The many readers who can I meet on La Digue on a daily basis and the many inspiring conversations I had.
  • The many opportunities that I have here locally, especially through the Blog.
  • The time with Zanmalak & Lion.

But I must also say that if I had my Blog and my projects, I wouldn't have to hold it for probably as long. You need something that meets a 100%. Otherwise it will be boring pretty quickly. Simply live the day and every day to go to the beach in the beautiful holiday, but that will not satisfy you permanently, however. It will frustrate even frustration. For me as a zodiac sign Gemini, this is still a great challenge, because for me, boredom and, above all, a standstill make dissatisfied.

My everyday life is, however, for many, certainly a dream. I sit every day for most of the day on the Laptop, edit photos, answer E-Mails and messages to my Community and work on their own projects and my clients. I can always go if I want to be by the sea, Snorkelling or Hiking, and I'm almost every evening with my dog at sunset on the beach.

When, what and how I work, I decide – and for me, this is pure luxury and performance. Behind all the extremely a lot of work, which is not visible from the outside is of course. Some of my friends and Acquaintances it encounters until today, there is little understanding that I have spent a lot of time on the Laptop and the Smartphone. But this is just my Job!

Mit Hund und Katze auf den Seychellen, als Deutsche auf den Seychellen
My cat Zanmalak while Surfing on the porch.

5 | What bothers you in the life? What's wrong with you?

I initially had my rose-colored glasses and was all just a dream of Paradise, there are some issues that affect my light-heartedness. Please don't get me wrong, I love the Seychelles and will always remain so. But when you spend so much time in front of the place, then you can look behind the Scenes.

I had wanted to moments on La Digue, which's not what I experience and where I can't be alone, I had to have it, however. Moments in which I thought I was going crazy, because I simply had no one, where I hinkonnte. Moments where I couldn't distract myself with Shopping, cinema, friends, or family. Anyone who spends a lot of time on an island, does not think very much of the time, which is always an advantage.

I, too, am confronted daily with things I don't want to have necessarily to me, especially the high alcohol and drug consumption. For vacationers it might be fun to have a drink with the Local Takamaka Rum. You don't know, of course, that as many of a Problem behind it.

A few of these negative issues are these

  • The distance to my friends and family, and the lack of range of activities, Restaurants, cafes and other facilities as the beach and the sea.
  • The constant sweating, the mosquitoes and sand fleas.
  • The small selection in the supermarket and the low supply of food/fruits/vegetables/healthy food.
  • The partly miserable dealing with the nature (large, healthy trees are felled, for example, Takamaka trees on the beach) and the low level of understanding of the Local population for the protection of the environment.
  • The Garbage Management.
  • Terrible, often fatal, infectious diseases such as leptospirosis (I had the other day in the circle of friends, and is Thankfully okay).
  • The large drug and alcohol problem, with which I am faced on a daily basis.
  • The poor health care, especially in hospitals. Sometimes it takes about 30 minutes until the ambulance is there and whether you can be helped, is the next question.
  • The part of bad dealing with dogs and cats (the subject of poisoning, chains, cages, a veterinarian, on Mahé) and, in General, the difficulties with the dog and cat to life on La Digue.
  • The generally high prices.


That probably sounds very bad. To me, it is also at the heart of, to show the shadow side. The Seychelles are considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world and I am 10000000 %, but there is another side to it, which is especially important if you want to live there.

6 | have you ever Had an Island feel?

The island's Koller is omnipresent. There are always phases. I grew up in Germany and am used to always have a distraction, to have my friends and family around me, to be able to are available in supermarkets with a huge range or just go and buy everything.

There are moments where I'm frustrated and me about everything upset. Moments in which a life on an island makes you crazy. Always go in the same Restaurants or drink a coffee in a Hotel, for example, can be time exhausting.

On La Digue you have to make do with very little. That may be the case for Local normal, for us Germans, but this is mostly not enough and will trigger the island's Koller.

7 | do you Miss often Germany?

Well, of course I miss Germany. Sometimes I would like to put me in the car and going somewhere else, e.g. in a beautiful city or a different country. On an island you can't get away so easy. I can move on to a length of 5 km and can hardly discover something New, because I already know everything – the same applies for the other Islands.

3 years in Seychelles – your 10 questions to me

8 | Is the Paradise eventually get boring?

Yes, a Paradise can be boring. I am become the majority of my Childhood in a village of 500 inhabitants, we had to add the option at any time somewhere. Imagine that you have only the sea to you, and you can only move on a surface area of 10 km2. For a period everyone creates the safe, but durable and can be boring.

In the last year, I was rarely bored, because I have worked intensively on my book. In the afternoon, after work, I go with my dog to the beach and then it is evening and we are cooking at home. The day is in the Seychelles this morning. It is always shortly after 18 clock in the dark, and all go to bed early. That, for me, between 21 and 22 clock, Wake up later, however, I also always at 7 a.m., without an alarm clock. The sun and the high humidity create a really, since it is early in the evening in stitches.

3 Jahre Seychellen, als Deutsche auf den Seychellen, Inselleben, Wolkenweit

9 | How many friends do you have in the Seychelles? Do you sometimes feel lonely?

I have three very good German Friends, two on Mahé and on La Digue. I'm glad for that. Also, I have a few good acquaintances. The Locals are all nice and have me well-received (on La Digue, you know me a lot: “The Blog”, “the one with The dog” or “Madame Robert”), however, the Locals themselves, not as a close, friendly relationship with each other, as I it from Germany know. Here, you is generally careful and keeps things for himself, instead of talking with other people about it. In addition, they will help you in the rule only if they are paid for it (a couple of 50 - and 100-rupees-should have Tickets, you will always be in the bag).

On La Digue I often wish my Friends from Germany were here. It would make it significantly more beautiful. In reality, I ride alone with my bike (and my dog) to the beach, which is sometimes very frustrating. My dog is not responding to me, when I talk with him. :-) Even if I am alone, I miss my friends already. Lonely I do not feel, but be alone sometimes.

10 | Can you see the beauty of the Seychelles after three years, still the same, and appreciate?