Haunted Hoorah 3 East High Street Ashley, Ohio 43003
Friday and Saturday opening at 8 pm.
The last ticket will be sold at midnight
Open Some Sundays

Haunted Hoorah

The Haunted Hoorah

promises to be the Halloween destination of the year.  This experience takes you where other haunted houses dare to go.  You will be immersed in a story of torture and fear that will leave every haunt lover breathless.

The Countdown to Halloween Begins..



Voted #1 Most Unique Haunt By Ohio Valley Haunts

OUTBREAK. As the doctor intensifies his efforts to create the perfect super soldier, he discovers a deadly and highly contagious virus—outbreak! With new scenes, you don’t want to miss Haunted Hoorah’s Outbreak!
If you are 18 and older and you dare, face your fears with Haunted Hoorah’s Extreme Experience! Have you ever worried about being pulled into a scene? What about having haunt actors touching and interacting with you? If you answered yes, then the Extreme DREAD Experience is for you! DREAD begins with recruits being loaded into the biggest, baddest troop transport truck and taken to the doctor’s compound. Recruits will face invasive, interactive touch scenes. WARNING…this experience is so intense and graphic that it is only for the extreme haunt enthusiast! (18 and Older Plus Additional Charge).


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